The Squid Game has been popular on Netflix since its launch in September 2021. I watched the whole season in one day on a Saturday as I was dying to know what was next after each episode. 

I am not going to talk about this series specifically. But, I was thinking about the scene of 456 players, which had 456 lights in the beginning, and in the end, there was only one light left, and the other 455 lights were permanently off, and their lives had ended. 

Sometimes I think of my life; when I was a child, I had many lights around me, my four grandparents, uncles, and a great grandparent. They were essential people in my universe, and that’s how I grew up all the way, surrounded by their love and care. 

Now, some of the lights are permanently off, although I can still have their light on in my heart.

What is life? It’s as easy as a symbol of light in the Squid Game. As long as the players can continue the game, the lights keep on. Until the player cannot finish the game and the light will go dark.

Although I don’t have a grandparent now, and their lights are off. I can always remember their love in my life: their faces, their smiles, their caring expressions. After my grandma passed away in February this year, I smiled when I remembered her face when she handed me the lovely handmade knitted figures she crafted and looked at my face with smiling eyes. That was love. My grandmother’s love won’t disappear in my life although her lights are off. 

If I see my life as a light, I hope I can use my watts and energy to achieve more things. I hope I can contribute to my community by passing on the kind ripple effect. I hope that I can have a positive impact on my loved ones, I can continue to cook tasty and nutritious meals for my family, I can make my parents happy and know I am here for them, I can contribute to the company I work for, I can find meaning in my life and enjoy what I like, I can become a warm friend for friends who need me, I can love others, my kid, my parents, my spouse, I can coach the students who need my advice and I can bring genuine friendship to my friends’ lives. I have a purpose for my life when my light is on. I hope my love will stay in people’s lives even one day when my light is off.

It’s not a sad thing to think about whether the light is on or off. However, it’s a good reminder to have a meaningful life when our lights are on.