My embarrassing stories

In our daily lives, lots of people try to behave well to show their good sides in front of others. Fine words to describe people such as smart, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, cute, good looking, humorous are the ones lots of women would like to have said about them. However, in my opinion, the true moments that define us include embarrassing ones too.

I have lots of funny stories in my daily life, and I would like to document those that I can remember as I can amuse myself when looking back at them.

Story 1 – my high heels
When I was single, one day I dressed very nicely for work. I bought a pair of new shoes with the highest heels I had ever worn. I believe the heels were around 10cm high, and the shoes were lovely.

Besides the cute high-heeled new shoes, I wore a tight mini skirt. Of course, I had great makeup and glossy blown hair. So you can imagine that day I was flattered by my colleagues as lovely and beautiful.


During the lunch hour, I brought my exquisite new purse, walked in my high heels, elegantly walked from the elevator of my office building, and headed to the adjacent high-end shopping mall to have lunch. There were a few nice restaurants, and I usually had lunch there.

I forgot to mention a bit about my office building so you can know about the external environment at that time. Our office was located on the 43rd floor, which is the middle of the CITIC Plaza in Guangzhou. The CITIC Plaza was seen as the landmark of Guangzhou as it was the highest and newest high-end office building years ago. There were lots of high technology companies or world-class international companies in the building. People who worked in the building were proud, and those companies offered good salaries to their employees.

When I was walking, I could feel there was a lot of attention from people around me. I knew I looked good in that skirt and the extremely high heels. I had my chin up and walked more confidently on the shiny polished marble floor.

But… I suddenly felt down! It could have been because it was raining outside. The workers were working very hard to keep the floor dry and there were disposable umbrella bags to use so that the water would not drip to the ground, but it was still a bit slippery. It could also have been because of my very high heels that I was not used to wearing. The most embarrassing moment happened when from where I fell down, I saw a big yellow sign “Slippery floor”. But how could I have seen that sign while I was holding my chin up and walking so proudly just like I was walking on a cloud? I was in an amusing situation, and it was not easy for me to get up. I was afraid of moving as my skirt was quite short and I looked super funny as I stood on my knees. One minute ago, I was like a proud princess, one minute later, I was like a poor little lady who wanted to beg for help. Again, I got lots of attention, not admiring this time but funny and sympathetic.

“Lady, do you need help?” the building’s security guard reached out to me kindly.

With my chin down, I accepted his offer and held his hand to get up, and then quickly I fled away.

Another day, I wore a less high heeled shoes – around 7 cm. I walked on a side street heading for a lunch appointment to meet with my friend. The restaurant was about 50 meters away. But suddenly I could not walk! One of the heels got caught in the street. Until then I hadn’t noticed that the side street was paved with lots of orange square bricks: there was about a 1.5 cm gap between each brick. My high heels were too thin to escape from those small bricks. As it was lunch hour (again), other pedestrians were walking toward me, but I got stuck in the road!! I was furious and was trying to get my heel out, but it wouldn’t move a bit, however how hard I tried. I was irritated and tried my best to get it out, when my shoe came out, the heel was still in the brick!! When my friend saw me, she burst out in tears as I had a 7-8cm difference between my left and right side because I had lost a heel!

Story 2: Don’t back up like this, it’s dangerous!
Three years ago, my friends and I went to Whistler to take our kids to ski. We rented a townhouse so we four families could share. After we had arrived at the parkade, my friend Lilian took the kids to the townhouse to settle down. She asked me to take something from her car and park the vehicle in a nearby slot for her.

I was not very familiar with her car; I tried to start the engine a few times, and finally it started. I was more familiar with my small car but her car was an SUV; I tried to handle it very carefully as I had never driven an SUV before.

I slowly backed her car into the parking space, but I was not sure if the car was straight or not so I opened the window, so I could take a look to make sure the car was in the right position.

My brain might have been frozen a bit at that time when my head was stretched out of the window to make sure the car was parked in the right position, but, at the same time, my left hand pressed the window button to close it!! Soundly my head was stuck in the window. I frightened myself. What was I doing here? Trying to end my life using this window? Nope!! I cried “help” very weakly, but no one was at the parkade. In one second, I realized that I could save myself by pressing the window down button. I did it! My life was saved!

Story 3: Not too lazy to clean the snow!

One afternoon after work, I went to my car, but there was a lot of snow on it. I got in my car; I started the engine. I started the front and the back windshield wiper to clean the snow. I was very satisfied with the job as the snow was swept in 3 seconds without manually wiping it off. How smart I was! But how about the snow on my left and right window? I thought for a second and had a most brilliant idea! If I opened the window to its widest, the snow would drop to the ground as it has nothing to attach to when the window glass was gone.

Proudly, I pressed the window button and window glass went down and down until the window glass disappeared and the snow all dropped as I imagined!! But the scenery was slightly different from what I planned! The snow on the left window all fell on my left leg and the snow on the right window all dropped to the passenger seat instead of dropping to the ground.

Yuck! I had never imagined the snow went this way! I had to jump out of the car and clean the snow from my pants and the right window!

Story 4: Shopaholic

I knew I was a bit of a shopaholic, so I tried to avoid going to malls even the online shopping malls to prevent going bankrupt.

One day I was waiting for my son from his class, I went to Shoppers as I needed to purchase some sanitary stuff.

After I had arrived, the cosmetic counters were the closest ones to the entrance. I told myself that I needed to avoid those areas as I just needed to purchase the sanitary stuff as planned. But I found the Dior counter had a beautiful “Gift with purchase” cosmetic bag. That bag was very inviting. I went to the Dior counter and asked the sales representative what promotion was going on. She said buy any makeup for over $50 and I could get that beautiful bag.

Not bad. I needed some makeup such as eyeliner! I picked one eyeliner, but it was just thirtyish, so then I chose a lipstick. Women always need a new lipstick, don’t we?

Then I purchased the eyeliner, the lipstick, and received the beautiful cosmetic bag!

After a while, I noticed that inside the store, there were lots of other cosmetic shelves. They looked amazing! My son’s class was 1.5 hours long, so I had plenty of time to do more shopping. I looked at the items one by one; then I found that they had many items I lacked! I wanted a concealer pen to hide my dark circles. I also need a new brush and a facial cleanser. And lots of eyeliners and eyebrow pencils look very cute!

I really enjoyed shopping there, and I spent one hour at Shoppers by looking at almost each item in the cosmetic area. Soon I saw a long lineup at the cash desks, so I stopped shopping, as I didn’t want to be late for picking up my son.

After arriving home, I found that I didn’t purchase the sanitary stuff. Instead, I had 5 new eyeliners, 1 new brush, 1 new concealer, 1 new lipstick and 2 new eyebrow pens.

happy Super Sale Girl