Why Volunteer?

I have two volunteers job including my full time job. I am now  the VP of Education for  my Toastmasters club ,as well as the Social Media Strategist for Peace Geeks :a nonprofit organization that promotes peace in developing countries.
Why volunteer? My answer is simple; I had been given so much from other people ‘s help when I needed it and now I have the opportunity to help others and give back.  I may have the ability to make a difference today, but there could always be a time when I may be the recipient of the kindness from somebody else’s volunteer contributions.

Five years ago, when I immigrated to Canada, I received an abundance of help from so many people in so many ways. From the volunteers who helped me re-create my Chinese resume into an English version, to the volunteers from Toastmasters who mentor me to improve my public speaking, there has been an lots of help I received . My dear mentor Ms. Beverly Busson, volunteered to be my lifetime mentor from the time we met at the Women’s Executive Network program in 2012. The other volunteers in my life have inspired me to volunteer;

One volunteer experience that touched me most was during the time I was a student at SFU 2 years ago. I participated in a program to feed the hungry, distributing breakfast to the homeless in downtown Vancouver’s eastside.

I had arrived early that Sunday morning, it was dark and cold, and already I could see that there were many people lined up to receive food. We served a small breakfast of two pancakes, a yogurt, and a piece of fruit. Each person that came for a meal was grateful.

Other than volunteering, I am happy with the opportunity my church gives me to sponsor a little girl in the Philippines. She is 11 years old, and I remember first seeing her picture and feeling shocked at how thin and malnourished she was. I quickly realized that eliminating a $15 meal from my budget can support a child in developing countries for an entire month.

Volunteering also gives me time for self- reflection, I ask myself if I have been taking for granted all the wonderful things in my life, could I help more people and make other’s lives better? It is through helping others that I am able to have a deeper look at my inner self.