My mother’s joke

My mom is a woman who is kind ,hospitable and outgoing. However, my father joked that she always talked faster than she thought. Sometimes she made mistakes because of that.

When I was a child, we always had lots of visitors to my home, lots of whom were my mom’s friends , colleagues or relatives.

One day after dinner one woman visited my home. My mom was very glad to see her and welcomed her to sit and have a cup of tea in our living room.

“It’s been such a long time since I last saw you. I heard that you got pregnant and just had your new baby”. My mom said.

“Yes, I was away for a while and became a mother two months ago.” The new mom said pleasantly.

“That is wonderful. I know that your baby must be a beautiful one. Just like you.” My mom said.

“Yes, my baby was an angel to me.” The new mom said.

“Can I see your baby’s picture?” My mom asked.

“Sure, I have it here.” New mom said.

“Woo, your baby is just too perfect and beautiful. What a cutie …” my mom looked at the baby’s picture, compliment the new mom in an enthusiastic and excited voice.

“Yeah, my baby is lovely” new mom said cheerfully,

“Look at her, big eyes and beautiful skin… ” my mom was trying to think about many beautiful words to describe the mom’s baby…,then my mom suddenly thought of something and she wanted to ask the new mom if  her baby was a girl or a boy. But instead she said in a very pleasant way : “by the way, is your daughter a boy or a girl?”

The mom suddenly got stuck, she did not know how to answer my mom’s question in a second. Then she realized what my mother meant and said : “My daughter is a girl.