A Busy Mom’s Morning


CLOCK“Ding Ling Ling…” the alarm rings at 7:30am in the morning, which indicates that my new day will begin from a busy morning.

Without waking up my boy so that he can sleep until 8, in 10 minutes I complete those steps : brushing my teeth, washing my face and doing some basic make-up after skincare steps. After changing clothes, I run downstairs to prepare breakfast and lunch for the family.

I take out the milk from the fridge, pour it into a small pot ,turn the gas on to heat the milk. Then I take out the frozen buns from the fridge and put them on a plate. To heat buns, I fetch another pot, fill it with cold water, and then put the plate into the pot ,turn on the fire to steam the buns.

On a third burner ,I put on a saucepan to cook for lunch. I turn the fire to heat the pan first, then I pour some oil into the pan. After the oil is heated ,I pour the minced seasoned meat into the pot to get sauted. After the meat is half done, I pour the meat into the original bowl. Then I add some oil into the saucepan, I put diced onion into the oil. Then I stir fry the onion. After two minutes, I turn the fire to small medium to cook slowly.

On the other side, I take out the sausage from the fridge and chop it on a board.

After the milk is warmed, I pour the warm milk into my boy’s cup. I take the sliced fruits from the fridge, put the fruit into a box and then into my boy’s lunch bag. I also put two small bags of snacks and a bottle of milk into the lunch bag.

After the onion is half cooked , I pour the minced meat back to the pan, stir fry the meat and onion together for 2 minutes. Then I add a bit of salt and powdered chicken broth into the pan. Then the dish is ready. Lastly, I get one bowl of cooked rice, which I have prepared last night and set the timer so that it will be freshly cooked the next morning. I mix the rice and the meat mixture together so that the rice will be very tasty because of the dish’s flavor.

After the breakfast is done and I put the lunch and snack in the lunch bag, I call my boy to get up and be prepared for a new fresh opening of the day.